Roll recipe_engine to 583ce62, fuchsia/infra/recipes to 905ac73

recipe_engine change log:
583ce62 [buildbucket] add build_input property
d17fa99 Use more common term in recipe-api docu
5c6e39e [bundle] Copy file data instead of symlinks.
ee2763e Add builder_id property to BuildBucketApi
5906d3e [recipe_modules][time] Add ms_since_epoch method
b10224f Reserve pipe in step names.
c12134c Print Windows crash codes in hex
4ddd3e9 [recipe_api] Fix bug when debug_dir is present and non-null
0584da0 [luci-auth] Make service_account module use luci-auth
745f389 Don't block on OWNERS approval of
baa8aad scheduler recipe_module: remove deprecated method.
3bc7426 scheduler recipe module: use classes instead of raw dicts.
b80999e raw_io: fix to use splitlines for add_output_log
a262d97 raw_io: add add_output_log option
8f09f5f Add sleep to the time recipe module
c937458 Add scheduler recipe module with EmitTrigger RPC support only.
d047343 [buildbucket] add build_id property

fuchsia/infra/recipes change log:
905ac73 Roll recipe_engine to 583ce62
c1a7bce [global] Use 'cleanup' instead of 'tmp_base' as recommended by api.path
3976470 Fix example command to re-train recipes
4a81b9b Stream benchmark output to LogDog
b39ae02 [recipe_modules][fuchsia] Run //buildtools/gn gen directly, not
c6afc9f [dart_toolchain] Fix gen_snapshot_fuchsia copy for arm64
affd7d7 [dart_toolchain] Use api.path['cleanup']
eaf943a [api.fuchsia] Build Zircon with host-asan only given host_asan variant property
f87844d [README] Add a dev workflow section with yapf tips
aecc3b5 [dart_toolchain] Change layout, include host gen_snapshot binaries
ccef976 [fuchsia] Use correct Zircon kernel image name for archiving
9d5edcd Revert "Log benchmark output to LogDog with suite name."
e72ecaa [arm64][qemu] Update path to arm64 zircon kernel image
e443eeb Log benchmark output to LogDog with suite name.
213dbce [sdk] Use the fuchsia recipe module
5a21407 [gcc_toolchain] Fix useless-change detection
89d8375 [Swift] update swift dep shas
73ab5b4 [rust] Set both CFLAGS and LDFLAGS, use recursive checkout
3b1fc77 [dart_toolchain] Drop trailing newline from dart_sdk_version tag
a430db1 [gcc_toolchain] Skip runs when the only changes are useless
149fee8 [dart_toolchain] Fix arm64 arch in --sysroot, binary copying; add dart_sdk_version tag
52a76b4 [dart_toolchain] Pass both arch's in --sysroot option
5f32cdb [dart_toolchain] Fix macOS output directory
dd7e5a0 [web_view] Remove old target names now that buildbucket passes new ones
79209ca fuchsia: Restructure error detection
3e0d926 fuchsia: Create a test_api
27c9db9 docs: Update the recipe docs
f788950 [dart_toolchain] Fix sysroot option
4e21cf3 [dart_toolchain] Ensure ninja is there before trying to use it
59a1756 [dart_toolchain] Put depot_tools in PATH to run gclient
79c3165 [gcc_toolchain] Switch gcc to roland/6/pr77609 branch
7a68135 [dart_toolchain] Fix api.jiri.checkout invocation
cbea70f [gcc_toolchain] Use our host compiler for GCC too
f4b4c3f [web_view] Use the new webkit package path
01ed166 [zircon] Extend sleep time at the beginning of runcmds
3cb67b6 [web_view] Use the fuchsia recipe module
e04d833 [fuchsia/api] Add ninja_targets to
f91cec7 [swift_toolchain] Use named params to
191d6c5 [gcc_toolchain] Fix host sysroot setting
e0de0ca [zircon] Fix device testing kernel cmdline
f92622a [gcc_toolchain] Pass --with-build-sysroot=$(xcrun --show-sdk-path) on Mac
aa936d6 [dart_toolchain] New recipe for Dart toolchain builder
37b9558 [zircon] Support magic return code for userboot.shutdown
2d3a7f7 gcc: Exercise the failure path and collect logs
57ae29a fuchsia: Add kernel image and bootdata to archive
34a8abc [zircon] Fix userboot.shutdown in isolated case
1d7f1a1 [zircon] Add support for testing on hardware
c26c37a [gcc_toolchain] Fix collection of binutils test suite logs
485cda3 [zircon] Refactor isolated test flow
4419c07 Only checkout Clang and Rust sources after Fuchsia's
78be762 Use Garnet to produce Zircon sysroot used by Clang and Rust
729c266 fuchsia: Add to presentation
394aa95 [jiri] Pass -attempts=3 to update and run-hooks by default
71a0500 [gcc_toolchain] Get binutils from binutils-2_30-branch
f0b78a3 [recipes] Fix SDK builder recipe's package references.
136f6ac fuchsia: Fix runcmds when not testing in QEMU
1a52286 fuchsia: Add support for testing on device
2c1a2cd Fail fast in if missing test data
3bd320a Fix empty test output in recipe
74b8d44 Fix stale doc comment in
da7b604 fuchsia: Refactor to eliminate MinFS image assumptions
cc99ab1 Use . instead of / in perf test bucket name
291228d [infra] Pass list of packages as property
1cf7b44 Upload histogram data to catapult in fuchsia_perf
4de4418 fuchsia-roller: Harden against no-op rolls
560129f Use goma ref for clang CIPD package
993cac0 Use goma for the first stage Clang compiler build
522de14 [gcc_toolchain] Don't use -flto on macOS
f53c23e Allow passing kwargs to CatapultApi methods
a313c2f Convert zircon_benchmarks output in fuchsia_perf
155f4ca [gcc_toolchain] Don't let build succeed after binutils tests fail
cd69236 Roll recipe_engine to 5906d3e7a321c743d49f29a995040c41cc08ec24
689c2af [gcc_toolchain] Build binutils with our Clang -flto -O3 and Goma
1154c70 fuchsia: Add test timeout property
197d0fd [gcc_toolchain] Add missing Python import
43c556c [gcc_toolchain] Fix collecting binutils logs on test failure
5ef92c2 [gcc_toolchain] Preserve logs from binutils test suite
4cbd4e2 Roll recipe_engine to 5906d3e
5d44034 [clang_toolchain] Write toolchain manifest files
19b3662 [cobalt] Run lint check during cq/ci
710ea21 zircon: Update timeout semantics
e5b4a74 [gcc_toolchain] Update binutils to 2.30 release tag
db8472f [gcc_toolchain] Run binutils test suite
2a2a272 Update CIPD recipe module to start using task service account
f61cc05 Don't use Goma service account for fetching Goma CIPD package
9448792 Get revision from Jiri project in recipes/
61a3828 [swift_toolchain] Fix manifest paths and add mock compile
9f70329 [fuchsia] Set timeout for jiri update
383ab29 [swift_toolchain] Use api.fuchsia to build Zircon & Garnet
cf1d069 [toolchain] Fix Zircon sysroot building
492b5f6 [sdk] Fix spelling of parameter
f80dc76 fuchsia: Update timeout semantics
f35a876 [web_view] zircon_project is now an arch flag
b824539 [toolchain] Update and harmonize Zircon sysroot building
e072883 [fuchsia] the swarming dimension is x86-64 not x64
ce4cac6 [fuchsia] takes -t instead of -p
bd4395a Refactor minfs image copy to a MinfsApi method
e3ed3cc [zircon] dimensions for x86 are named x86-64
08dc748 Cleanup MinfsApi docs
76aa5a9 [all] Fuchsia now shares arch names with Zircon
ec94e15 fuchsia: Support uploading build artifacts archive
33ae2da [blobfs] Rename blobstore to blobfs
f8e0075 fuchsia: De-duplicate /test references
7a030bc Create recipe
5d6a140 gcc: Switch to branch including PR80180 fix
31184be gcc: Strip trailing newline from gcc_version string
7ca6a4f Use hermetic sysroot for linux swift builds
a5312b8 gcc: Clean up recipe properties and CIPD tags
f88d54f gcc: Use target in build step names
beeaa5f gcc: Clean up configure and make invocations
fca2a81 gitiles: Use refs as the default refspath
c8064bb gcc: Switch from binutils 2.28 release tag to binutils-2_27-branch
52b62d8 gcc: Use new upstream branch with PR77609 fix
7afa1a6 Start adding catapult recipe_module w/ simple test
830aa77 fuchsia-roller: Abandon change on timeout
527cf81 Support stripping components in tar
a9854a6 gcc: Work around macOS issues
766bff8 gcc: Use the correct refspath
266ac12 Recipe for building GCC toolchain
d2ae3fd Fix the path to the Zircon manifest
378da3f Remove analyze_test_result from FuchsiaApi.test()
2275d80 fuchsia: Increase timeout of collect to 40 minutes
9b58609 Move to
b347c41 [sdk] Forward the build directory to
355e4b0 zircon: Downgrade the MinFS image size
5354ea1 [sdk] Build bootfs and non-bootfs Fuchsia images for packaging into SDK
467cfa6 zircon: Add use_kvm property
e6f2e3b Change to build everything in a project
60f38ec Use a path under start_dir in JiriApi test data
7205572 fuchsia: Downgrade size of MinFS image
5c741b5 fuchsia: Make QEMU use the correct test results image
009aa8b fuchsia: Unmount test image explicitly
ce77674 fuchsia: Quote shell tokens in properly
0cdb010 zircon: Copy test image in booted tests task
9b0298e fuchsia: Clean up analysis to use output_file name
9dfc786 fuchsia: Copy test image in the swarming task
741bcbd zircon: Fix mount command in isolated case
a741dd2 zircon: Don't set the got_revision property
5d6db3b fuchsia: Make checkout() steps infra steps

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Cobalt Recipes

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